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Carrie Friesen Photography

Carrie Friesen
Carrie Friesen Photography
Bluffton, SC

I had been dreaming of doing a little session with my daughter, filled with beautiful sunlight and a flower crown. The day came and it was beautiful. However, when we finally went outside, the clouds had moved it. I was going to call it quits, but I’m so glad we went out and played anyway! Although I LOVE sun filled photos, the moodiness of clouds can bring such a vibrancy to photos! Inspiration can be found in all circumstances. Hope you enjoy!

TG4A0003 TG4A0013 TG4A0020 TG4A0022 TG4A0037 TG4A0045 TG4A0083 TG4A0098 TG4A0100 TG4A0103 TG4A0106 TG4A0111 TG4A0117 TG4A0121 TG4A0130 TG4A9926 TG4A9929 TG4A9956 TG4A9967 TG4A9973.2 TG4A9977 TG4A9980 TG4A9981 TG4A9983 TG4A9987 TG4A9992

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