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Carrie Anne Kelly Photography

Carrie Anne Kelly
Carrie Anne Kelly Photography
Jacksonville, NC

Like most photographers, I am always after an adventure and get bored shooting in the same location. I primarily work with women and strive to make our sessions collaborative and stylized, all while maintaining a safe, supportive, and confidence-boosting environment. Since making a big move to North Carolina, all I have been able to think about is photographing as many women in as many locations that are unique to this area as possible. Every time I take a drive, I am overwhelmed by abandoned farms, cotton fields, huuuuge antique barns (filled with antique treasures), dirt roads, and beaches…beaches galore. I realized I had never done a stylized session on the beach before…so it seemed pretty obvious to take a 30 minute drive to Topsail Island, North Carolina for this shoot. I wanted to do something a bit out of the norm when it comes to beachy sessions. It was an unusual freezing 20 degrees that day, which I knew would be perfect for creating something different. We layered up our model, Juliet Harvey, and kept it beachy through a “sun-kissed” makeup look and a tousled, pulled up, braided knot hairstyle. Cozy, romantic, feminine, and whimsical were the words behind both Ally Voshell’s, Makeup Artist and Hairstylist, and my inspiration. We kept styling neutral in colors and tones. However, I knew I needed a pop of color – aside from that incredible lip color. I created a crown out of flowers I picked up at a near by florist earlier that day and Ally added flowers into the braided knot. We hit the beach and, I kid you not, the rest is history. I can’t even remember. We¬† had sooo much fun. Laughing, running in the FREEZING water, screaming, laughing some more, our cheeks turning red from the cold air. This session was incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating as an artist and my heart is still bursting from happiness as I look over the images.

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