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Carito Photography

Carolin Voelker
Carito Photography
Munich, Germany
Capturing the true essence of a couple is what I aspire to in my love sessions. The little moments, the small touches, their inside jokes and the true nature of two individuals deeply in love with each other is what I love to document the most. And a session becomes even more meaningful to me & my clients when I photograph them at a place that is close to their heart. So with Joana & Diogo we drove out to Azenhas do Mar, a small coastal town in the Lisbon area. It’s one of their favourite beach getaways in summer and even on a stormy February afternoon the beach, the cliff and the small village was enchanting. Together we climbed rocks and roofs and with each little kiss & touch these two worked their way into my heart. From the images I can feel a playful love that is still as exciting to them as on the first day 12 years ago.

Carito Photography offers wedding photography as well as portraiture to clients in Munich, Germany and the rest of Europe. Being a world citizen and multilingual Caro loves the excitement of destination weddings and the individuality of multicultural weddings.

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