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Callie Manion Photography

​​Callie Manion
Callie Manion Photography
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

I’m excited to share this senior session with you that I shot in the rain and fog. Normally these weather conditions would compel photographers to cancel or postpone their session, but I was in a unique situation of having this session scheduled when I was traveling out of town, meaning I couldn’t simply reschedule the session, so we went with it!

This shoot took place in New Canaan, Connecticut, at the Waveny Manor, and was for a senior portrait session. Instead of trying to avoid the fog and rain, I had my client Kayleigh run into the fog so it would envelope her, making for a stunning portrait. I played with different angles to capture the fog all around her. The naturally cool tones of the fog make for a beautiful contrast against Kayleigh’s warm skin tones and golden hair.

Holding an umbrella, I posed Kayleigh to create interesting composition and framing. By placing her at certain angles, I was able to capture the beauty of the fog without losing Kayleigh amongst the background. The fog was absolutely dreamy and really inspired me to create something unique. I love this session because it’s really not something you see every day!

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