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Caitlin’s Living Photography

Caitlin Livingston
Caitlin’s Living Photography
Uniontown, PA

I am a natural light photographer based out of the rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania. I am always looking to find the organic emotions in every person that I meet. I try to stray away from posing and heavy edits so that what you see is the realness of the moment.

With the Garvin Family, I honestly could not have asked for a better session. With the mother being a photographer herself, I knew that the session was going to be beautiful. They came as a gracious and happy family, full of real laughs, real smiles, and an abundance of love in their eyes. On top of that, the golden sun stayed with us the entire time, lighting up every photo. I just loved how the warmth between them mixed with the warmth in the sky. I am so grateful for families like theirs.

Garvin-8 Garvin-14 Garvin-22 Garvin-29 Garvin-34 Garvin-36 Garvin-43 Garvin-55 Garvin-58 Garvin-62 Garvin-69 Garvin-75 Garvin-78 Garvin-96 Garvin-99 Garvin-103 Garvin-108 Garvin-119 Garvin-125 Garvin-134 Garvin-141 Garvin-152 Garvin-156 Garvin-162 GarvinFilm-5 GarvinFilm-9 GarvinFilm-15 GarvinFilm-16 GarvinFilm-28 GarvinFilm-36

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