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Brooke Tucker Photography

Brooke Tucker
Brooke Tucker Photography
Virginia Beach, VA

This session is very near and dear to my heart! Ashley and Joe are high school sweethearts. Although they adore photography and have had many sessions with their daughter Waverly, this is the first session they have ever done at the beach, even though that have both been born and raised in this area! These three couldn’t be happier about their newest little girl joining their family!  Their evening spent at the beach was such a celebration. A celebration of their small family of three: enjoying Waverly’s last few weeks as the only girl, enjoying moments while they can still have a few quick moments of “just the two of them” before the baby comes, and enjoying the anticipation of waiting.

We spent the evening running on the sand and in the crashing waves. It was a beautiful evening of laughter and love! Waverly could not stop talking about her new baby sister and showed her all the fun treasures we found together while exploring the beach. Waverly danced in and out of the waves (even though the water was a bit cold) and in the end had us ALL splashing and dancing around in the water! This family’s love and spirit is infectious!  They are beautiful inside and out and to know them is absolutely to love them.  This new little girl is blessed beyond measure!

I am a children and family lifestyle photographer here in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I believe that real moments are better than perfect moments any day, and that laughter is always the best medicine! I hope you enjoy this session and that it brings a smile to your face!

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