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Brooke Hughes Photography

Brooke Hughes
Brooke Hughes Photography
San Diego, CA

My name is Brooke, and I am a full time fine art photographer, and long time follower of your blog. I shot this family session a few weeks ago at fiesta island in San Diego, and it dawned on me this weekend that it would be the PERFECT session for your blog.

My favorite part about this shoot, is that there is nothing “styled” about it. This is their family van, which they take beach camping regularly. Matt (dad) is a tattoo artist and surf enthusiast, and Kristina (mom) is just the sweetest thing, full time mom, and entrepreneur. Kristina really wanted to incorporate their van and the love of the beach into their session, and I believe we did just that! One of my favorite things to do is capture moments, and the feeling behind those moments, as opposed to calculated poses, and this family was just effortless. They are all so tender with each other, and the evidence of impeccable parenting was everywhere. The warm yellow setting sun provided stunning light, and really shows the love of family, the beach, and a rusty old VW.

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