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Brokenframe Photography

Jessica June Dick
Brokenframe Photography
Salem, OR

What I love most about my job is its unique ability to tell someone’s story. I love working with my clients to create a session experience that is uniquely them. We talk about how they will do their hair, how they will wear their makeup, where their dream location would be and why, and what their favorite fashion styles are. I always tell my seniors and couples to bring as many clothing selections as they can think of. I love putting the outfits together with them until we have come up with several pairings that are exactly what they have been envisioning. As a photographer I believe that I am blessed with the opportunity to love on people and encourage them. I want everything about the session to be unique to them. I love knowing that at the end of the day my clients feel encouraged to be themselves and valued for who they are.  The impact of a photograph is an amazing thing! What I remember most from when I had my own senior portraits done was how valued I felt by the end of it. I want everyone who stands in front of my camera to feel how I did, completely confident and beautiful in their own skin.

I can’t think of a more perfect example of this then the session I did with my little sister this Memorial Day. This session is one of my favorites. As a birthday gift my mom suggested to me that I put together a stylized session experience for my little sister. I loved the idea! We made it an all day event, taking advantage of the rare Oregon summer sunshine and the unusually quiet downtown Salem streets. I loved spending the quality time with my talented little sister and watching her embrace the woman she is becoming. It is so important that we take moments to photograph our own families and this session reminded me of that.

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