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Brittingham Photography

Andrea Loree Brittingham
Brittingham Photography
Puyallup, Washington

As a PNW photographer, I love the mountains and… just give me all of the wildflowers. Bliss in my art, is taking my clients to hiking trails or scenic viewpoints for a more specialized session. For Courtney’s session, we drove about an hour out to this beautiful hiking trail with a stunning lookout point over the hills of Snoqualmie Pass. The sun was a little higher than I normally shoot, but I adored the rays with Courtney’s fair hair and skin. A small breeze fluttered across the lookout, but was cooling on an abnormally warm spring day. I love realness in my photos, such as, swaying to a song or laughter towards my lame jokes and this session was all of those things.

Brittinghamphotography_0001 Brittinghamphotography_0002 Brittinghamphotography_0003 Brittinghamphotography_0004 Brittinghamphotography_0005 Brittinghamphotography_0006 Brittinghamphotography_0007 Brittinghamphotography_0008 Brittinghamphotography_0009 Brittinghamphotography_0010 Brittinghamphotography_0011 Brittinghamphotography_0012 Brittinghamphotography_0013 Brittinghamphotography_0014 Brittinghamphotography_0015 Brittinghamphotography_0016 Brittinghamphotography_0017 Brittinghamphotography_0018 Brittinghamphotography_0019 Brittinghamphotography_0020 Brittinghamphotography_0021

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