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BrindleBerry – Custom Pet Photography

Holly Montgomery
BrindleBerry – Custom Pet Photography
Calgary, AB, Canada

I am a natural light pet photographer based in a small hamlet just outside of Calgary, AB, Canada. I reside in an area where there are several urban and country locations to choose from. I am also extremely honored and proud to be both a member, and on the membership committee, of an amazing group called HeARTs Speak. This group is doing amazing things and I am happy to be a part of it!

This session features Zayde and her “dad” Scott at a local park. It was a chilly day, and we lost the light faster than we expected, but we managed to get some great shots – all while giving our canine model breaks to warm up in her truck. This photo session is a surprise Christmas gift for Zayde’s “mom”. I cannot wait to hear what she thinks!

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