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Braving the Bears in an Alaskan Summer

Ashton Dent
Moss and Myrrh Photography
Wasilla, Alaska

Living in Alaska means we have to deal with long, dark winters for the largest bit of the year. Our reward for enduring the dark and below freezing temps? Summer. There is nothing more magical than an Alaskan summer, and if you’re ever given the chance to come, jump! This is hands down my busiest time of year because everyone wants these views and their family documented! Who can blame them? I’m a lover of detail, cuddles, and most of all, adventure. I try to showcase all of that in my sessions, and I am so in love with how this one turned out! We hiked about 10 minutes to get to this location, and while we’re always worried about running into our wilder neighbors (helloooo bears!), these mountains make it worth the trek!

My true love is documenting motherhood, all stages of the journey. I believe our lives are made up of seasons, and we’re much too busy to see the seasons passing us by. My work is meant to immortalize these sweet seasons, even if it’s just the tiniest fraction of them. I want my clients to pull these images out in 5, 10, 40 years, and be brought right back to this season.

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