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Brandi Smyth Photography

Brandi Smyth
Brandi Smyth Photography
Benton, LA

The Harris family is from Paxton, Illinois – when she contacted me for a family session I wasn’t sure she was aware of our distance, as I am located in Benton, LA, so we’re about 725 miles apart. BUT she was willing to make the drive and I couldn’t have been more honored to have shot their family photos! She wanted to incorporate props and have a more styled session than the norm, so I sent her to a local nearby business that offers prop rentals and styling, Pursuing Eden Vintage Rentals. They are amazing and I have worked with them several times in the past, so I knew they could give her what she was looking for. Session day came and the weather was perfect! I couldn’t have been more excited! The mom came dressed to impress in a beautiful sheer blush gown and a beaded shaw I could have died for!

IMG_9219 IMG_9257 IMG_9261 IMG_9287 IMG_9301 IMG_9316 IMG_9323 IMG_9332 IMG_9359 IMG_9377 IMG_9406 IMG_9436 IMG_9499 IMG_9508 IMG_9559 IMG_9588 IMG_9599 IMG_9605 IMG_9623 IMG_9657 IMG_9689 IMG_9693 IMG_9735 IMG_9751 IMG_9790 IMG_9808 IMG_9819 IMG_9842 IMG_9858 IMG_9869

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