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Blossom Lane Photography

Meagan Hudak
Blossom Lane Photography
Naperville, IL

I had too much fun getting to capture these lovebirds. The first snap of Jordan and Sonja’s session made me gasp and squeal at the same time. They are high school sweethearts and still look at each other with stars in their eyes . While they live in Chicago and wanted to capture some of their favorite places in the city, they also made the extra day trip to the suburbs to get some shots in nature at St. James Farm. We had a blast walking around, strumming on the guitar and enjoying some beautiful spring weather.

Blossom Lane Photography is a wedding and portrait photography studio that specializes in natural light and lifestyle sessions in the Chicago area. I feel so blessed to capture the most beautiful and exciting stages of people’s lives. I love creating a visual history that can be savored for years to come.

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