Best Outfit Colors For Family Pictures Outside

A family photo shoot is the perfect way to capture a moment in time. The photographs that are taken in a family photo shoot really are priceless, and they are photos that you will hold on to for many years to come.

Your children will never be the age that they were in these photographs again, which is why you really need to have a family photoshoot. 

Best Outfit Colors For Family Pictures Outside

Some of the best family photographs are taken outdoors. There is something special about photographs that are taken outside, they look a lot more natural than indoor photographs, and considerably less staged.

So they are perfect for capturing your family at a specific moment in time. 

If you have a family photo shoot planned, you might want you and your family to wear matching outfits.

While you likely won’t want to wear completely identical outfits, it is always a good idea to have a common color theme in the clothes that you wear. But choosing the best color for your family isn’t always easy. 

In this guide, we’ve taken a look at 5 of the best outfit colors for family photos that are taken outside. Read on to find out which color suits you and your family!

The Best Outfit Colors For Outdoor Family Photos

There are lots of different groups of colors that are perfect for outdoor family photos. Below we’ve taken a look at 5 of the best outfit colors for your outdoor family photos. 

Earth Tones

The first color theme that we would recommend considering is earth tones. Earth tones are a brilliant color scheme for family photographs, especially outdoor family photographs because the tones in the clothing perfectly complement the great outdoors.

Earth tones are perfect for outdoor family photographs because there are so many different colors that are considered to be “earth tones”.

From sage green to lighter browns and pale blues, there are tons of different colors considered to be “earth tones”, so you have a lot of different colors to choose from. 

Some people choose to have everybody in their family wear the same color for outdoor family photos, however, in our opinion, choosing a theme is much better.

With a theme, the entire family can wear different colors but stick to the same family of colors. This can make the photo shoot seem a lot more natural.

With earth tones, you and your family will perfectly complement the outdoor setting of the photo shoot, and all around your photos will look incredible. So earth tones are always a good idea! 

Neutral Tones

Another brilliant color theme to consider for your family photo shoot is neutral tones. Neutral tones are perfect for an understated look and great for ensuring that the focus of the photographs is on both your family and the setting. 

Most of the time, when you are having a family photo shoot done, you will want the focus to be on you and your family. Not the outfits that you are wearing.

Even though dressing appropriately for your photo shoot is important, the point is that the outfit you wear for the photograph will rarely be the main focus of the photo shoot. 

Neutral tones are brilliant because there are lots of different colors included in this theme of color. This means that with this theme, you and your family will all be able to wear different colors of outfits while matching each other.

It is a great way for there to be a common theme in the clothing that you and your family wear without everyone completely matching one another. 

So, if you are looking for an understated look for your family photo shoot, then neutral tones are the perfect color for the outfits that you plan to wear.

Blue Tones

In addition to neutral tones, another great theme for family photographs is blue tones. Blue is a brilliant color because it comes in such a wide variety of different shades.

Blue is also a very nice color to look at and it complements a lot of different settings, so it is perfect for outdoor photo shoots. 

The brilliant thing about blue tones is that blue is a very classic color. This classic color has been used for photo shoots for many years, so wearing this shade will give your family photos a very timeless vibe.

In addition to this, this color is also incredibly calming, so it is perfect for displaying the finished photos around your home if that is what you want to do. 

If you wear just one shade of blue across the entire family, then the finished product generally won’t look too good. The photos might come out incredibly dark, even if they were taken in a very beautiful outdoor setting.

But, using a variety of shades of blue across your entire family will be very effective. So, if you love the color blue, then you should definitely consider blue tones for your family photo shoot! 

Mono Tones

Alternatively, if you are having a family photo shoot in a very beautiful outdoor location that is filled with lots of colors, you might want your outfits to completely contrast that. If this is the case, then we would suggest opting for monotone outfits. 

Black is a little harsh as an outfit color for a family photo shoot, however, there are lots of other monotone colors that are a little more suitable.

You might choose a pale shade of gray or a nice bright white color. Either way, both of these shades will be incredibly flattering for your family photos. 

Depending on the location of the photo shoot, then monotone colors might not be suitable. But in the correct setting, monotone colors can really contrast the setting and make you and your family pop within the shot.

So you should definitely consider this color choice!

A Pop Of Color

Finally, you might opt for a pop of color when it comes to the theme of your family photo outfits. If you want your family photos to be really fun and exciting, then a pop of color is the perfect way to do this. 

There are lots of different colors out there to choose from. Instead of having all of your colors wear just one shade, we would recommend choosing different shades of the same color.

This will really help add character to the photograph and ensure that you and your family all look like your own people. 

With so many different colors out there, you can easily choose a color that has meaning for you and your family. No matter whether it is a pop of pink, a dark shade of green, or a bright yellow color, there are tons of colors to choose from.

So, if you want a pop of color for your family photo shoot, that is definitely something you should do!

How To Choose The Best Outfit Colors For Family Photos

Best Outfit Colors For Family Pictures Outside

To help you decide which color scheme is perfect for your family photos, we’ve thrown together a quick guide. Using this information, you can decide which colors are best for the photo shoot that you have in mind.

So, if you are having a family photo shoot, consider these things before you decide what color scheme you want you and your family to wear for the photos.

The Location

One of the things that you really need to consider when it comes to choosing the outfit color for your family photo shoot is the location of the shoot.

There are lots of different outdoor locations where the photo shoot could take place, and the location of the shoot will impact which color clothes you should wear. 

The color of the clothes you wear must complement the location of the photo shoot. If you are having photos taken at the beach, then neutral tones will probably be ideal.

Likewise, if you are having photographs taken in a colorful garden, then you might opt for earth tones. Ensure the color of your clothes complements the location of the photo shoot. 

The Focus 

Something else that you need to consider is the focus of the photo shoot. If you have a new baby, and the photo shoot is designed to put the focus on them, then it is a good idea to wear clothes that make your baby the center of attention.

The same applies to whoever the focus is on. The easiest way to do this is to choose a theme for the photo shoot instead of choosing a single color.

That way, everybody in the family can wear one shade, and the focus of the photograph can be created by having the most important person wear a different shade. 

The Theme

Finally, the theme of the photo shoot should be considered. When you come up with the idea of a photo shoot, you or the photographer will likely have a theme in mind to focus on. That theme will influence what colors you choose to wear. 

If you want a classical theme, then you might choose neutral or earth tones. Alternatively, if you want to go for a more innovative theme, you might opt for a color scheme that has a pop of color.

There are lots of different themes out there, so decide on a theme before you plan the outfits that you and your family will wear for the photographs. 


In short, there are tons of excellent colors that work very well for family photographs. From blue tones to neutral tones or even a pop of color, there are lots of themes to choose from.

In this guide, we’ve included lots of different color combinations that you should consider for your family photographs. 

We hope this information has been helpful – thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colors Look Best For Family Photos?

There are lots of different colors that look great for family photos. Our favorite color scheme is neutral.

Neutral colors look brilliant and understated in group photographs, they do not detract from the setting of the photographs, and they generally just look very natural.

So, neutral tones such as beige and creams work very well for family photos. 

What Looks Good For Family Photos?

There are lots of outfits that look good in family photos. Generally, it is a very good idea to wear natural clothing when you have family photographs taken.

Don’t feel too much pressure to dress incredibly smart (especially for outdoor photo shoots), instead wear something that you would naturally wear and something that you feel comfortable in.

This will really elevate the photographs and make them look good.

Laura McNeill
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