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B Street Photo

Britty Page
B Street Photo
Orange County, CA

On our way home from shooting a wedding together, Brandon, from Novel Hill Studio, asked if I’d be interested in doing a portrait exchange.  I thought it was a great idea.  When he told me he wanted to do something nautical, I thought it was a really great idea.  I love boats and I love taking pictures, so what fun it was to put those two things together!  Needless to say, I was beyond excited about this shoot.  I’m so happy with the outcome and can’t wait to do more photo shoots on sailboats!

  1. Marla Smith

    Hi Britty,

    Wow, what a handsome young man! Ok so I’m his Mother! I have had several calls about the excellent pictures you took of Brandon. He refuses to believe he could be model material even though many people think so! Think of all the camera equipment he could purchase! You are very talented Britty, and I enjoy your website regularly!

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