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B Life photography

Justine Boulin
B Life photography
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I’ve been in love with photography for as long as I can remember, but only recently in the past year or so have I decided to follow my heart and pursue it.. starting with buying a camera! I spend a lot of time photographing my son and do a photo a day project with him. After he was born, not only did my love for him grow, but so did my love for taking beautiful images and capturing all those moments in time that go by too quickly. Becoming a mother has changed my perspective on life – it has made me slow down, and notice the beauty in the every day occurrence with him. I want to capture that so I never forget it.  Only recently have I been spending a lot of time sharing this love and passion with other families. I love to capture the emotion, the personalities and the love families have for each other and their memories so they too have them forever to look back upon. I’m a lifestyle photographer and don’t use props. With each session I want to show the connections, the love, the silliness, the emotions – all the stuff that makes it ‘real.’

For this session, I met with this family at their home. We had plans to head down to the beach but as fate would have it (and on most fall days here in Vancouver!) it was pouring! I love so much that they didn’t want the rain to get in the way of their family session. With umbrellas in tow, we headed down and had such a great time! The kids explored, walked on logs, jumped in puddles and mom & dad followed along. This is one of my favorite sessions I’ve done as we just went with the flow, and everyone had a fun time! After I went home, I couldn’t wait to upload them and was so excited that we did indeed decide to head out in the rain (I will admit that I was a bit nervous about it!). And they were pretty happy with the images I was able to capture of them all.
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