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AzizaMir Photography

Aziza Mirtalipova
AzizaMir Photography
Brooklyn NY

It is amazing how much you can learn from photographing people. My daughter’s pre-K teacher, Ms. Yulia, asked me if I could take couple of pictures of her and her daughter. When I started talking more with her, I learned that she is not just a mom and a teacher, she is also an Army wife. It touched my heart! We decided to dedicate this photo session to her husband who is currently serving in the Army. She shared how their daughter, Allison, 4, misses her dad, how they keep a special calendar where they cross out each day that they lived apart from him, and how they cannot wait to see him. Allison is very proud of her dad and Yulia is truly a powerful woman. It was my honor to get to know such a beautiful family!

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