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Ava Martinez Photography

Ava Martinez
Ava Martinez Photography
Bloomfield, NJ

I photograph kids and families in a very natural way. I’m an on-location, natural light photographer based in Bloomfield, New Jersey. I love meeting brand new babies, laughing and playing with kids, and learning about beautiful families. I believe in pure and simple portraits. I believe there can never be too many photos of your kids. I believe in a classic portrait and I stand for simple, pure, and happy photography.

Meet Zoe, she is about seven months in this session and her mom didn’t know what she actually wanted from the session. She just knew she wanted some photographs of her first daughter. We met at her house and luckily I found a small empty room with gorgeous natural light. I photographed Zoe on a cream blanket and let the light reflect off the walls. I’m absolutely in love with how light and simple these images came out.

IMG_5903 IMG_5914 IMG_5918 IMG_5939 IMG_5954 IMG_5966 IMG_5980 IMG_5982 IMG_5983 IMG_5997 IMG_5999 IMG_6004 IMG_6006  IMG_6025 IMG_6026 IMG_6035 IMG_6038 IMG_6046 IMG_6061 IMG_6062 IMG_6065 IMG_6075 IMG_6114 IMG_6121 IMG_6159 IMG_6164 IMG_6171 IMG_6176 IMG_6186 IMG_6195 IMG_6228

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