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Aubrey Marie Photography

Aubrey Jones
Aubrey Marie Photography
Oklahoma City, OK

Sarah tied the knot at a beautiful summer wedding last August. Her wedding was absolutely classic with accents of navy and berry colors. After the wedding she decided to do a bridal session and I knew that her classic style would go great with the historical Oklahoma Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. Her mom and even her new hubby, Ethan, tagged along. Ethan actually came in handy! At one point some water sprinklers turned on and Ethan ran around turning them away from Sarah while she made her way out of the danger zone.

AubreyMariePhoto01 AubreyMariePhoto02 AubreyMariePhoto03 AubreyMariePhoto04 AubreyMariePhoto05 AubreyMariePhoto06 AubreyMariePhoto07 AubreyMariePhoto08 AubreyMariePhoto09 AubreyMariePhoto10 AubreyMariePhoto11 AubreyMariePhoto12 AubreyMariePhoto13 AubreyMariePhoto14 AubreyMariePhoto15

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