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Ashley Cook Photography | Eugene, Oregon

Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook Photography

I have worked with this family several times and they never disappoint! From their adorable outfits that fit their personalities so well, to the way they love each other. It’s all perfect! I love that this family lets me try new things and have trusted me to capture such special moments for them.
This was one of the first family session where I really went for it and shot a lot more film than I ever had at a family session. When Alivia (mom) told me what colors they would be wearing, I knew the orchard would be beautiful. When we showed up to the beautiful orchard in the morning, the light was just pouring in and I knew film would look beautiful there and it did! We definitely lucked out with a beautiful day in Oregon in November. When I got the scans back I literally screamed at my desk. They were everything I had been trying to make my digital look like for years. It feels good to be shoot film again.

Hey there, I’m Ashley! I’m a wedding, lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Eugene, Oregon. I love using natural light to create soft, romantic & timeless images that my clients will hopefully cherish for years to come. I am a fancy lady living in the country with my handsome hubby, two children, two puppies, a bunny and a pond full of ducks. The beach, Target and Pottery Barn are my happy places. My journey into photography began in 2009 when a friend let me play with her 35mm camera. I became completely hooked, dove right in and haven’t looked back! Since then I have worked hard to learn everything I can about the art of photography. I love that photography lets me share in the love of two people on their wedding day. It lets me see the joy in a mother and fathers face when they look at their children. It lets me be surrounded by amazing people all while doing something I absolutely love with all of my heart.

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