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Ashley Berrie Photography

Ashley Berrie
Ashley Berrie Photography
Atlanta, GA

I do a lot of family photography, which always includes a shot where everyone looks at me and smiles. When I shoot for myself and my own family, I just shoot whatever is happening and wait for the real smiles to come on their own! In this series of images, we were staying in a hotel for my cousin’s wedding and I encouraged my son to have a little fun before we had to leave! Real, belly-laughing smiles is what I got and I didn’t even have to ask for them :)

AshleyBerrie01 AshleyBerrie02 AshleyBerrie03 AshleyBerrie04 AshleyBerrie05 AshleyBerrie06 AshleyBerrie07 AshleyBerrie08 AshleyBerrie09 AshleyBerrie10 AshleyBerrie11 AshleyBerrie12 AshleyBerrie13 AshleyBerrie14 AshleyBerrie15

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