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Arden Prucha Photography

Arden Jenkins
Arden Prucha Photography
Fort Worth, TX

I was so excited to be able to document their sweet trio on their precious and BRIGHT home a while back. Erin is super creative {and, um, GORGEOUS} and I love what she has done with their quaint pad! Christopher has such a wonderful spirit – he brightens the room the moment you meet him. They are both precious and POSITIVE people, with the most ADORABLE baby girl. Erin and Christopher chose to keep the gender a surprise until the birth, but chose the name “Fisher.”  They want her to be a “Fisher” of men and share the gospel. I really wanted this session to be real and cozy, to show the love of new parents and the moments that every mommy and daddy cherish. We finished off with bath time, it was a treat!

www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0006 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0011 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0013 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0019 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0023 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0025 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0026 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0029 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0033 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0039 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0042 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0046 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0048 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0051 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0056 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0059 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0065 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0068 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0083 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0089 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0090 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0101 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0105 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0107 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0110 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0117 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0120 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0121 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0128 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0135 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0142 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0148 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0150 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0154 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0157 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0164 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0167 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0173 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0177 www.ardenprucha.comBabyFisher_0187

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