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Anna-Madriaga Photography

Anna Madriaga
Anna-Madriaga Photography
Fayetteville, NC

This is my daughter Ericka, who just turned 13 years old recently. This is an incomparable session I would say; such different worries were flowing through my mind while I was capturing each of her frames. Instead of worrying about a client and which images they will  pick, I was thinking, “Where did all those years go? Who is this young lady in front of my camera? Is she still the same little girl who will grab my hand whenever she needs help with something?” But, with each click of my camera, deep down in my heart I knew she still was, and will always be, my little girl. I am proud to say that I have raised an intelligent, wonderful young lady and I cannot wait to capture each moment that she will make in her life’s journey. Now that will be a session that I will guarantee to make.

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