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Anna Kraft Photography

Anna Kraft
Anna Kraft Photography
Austin, TX

This was a double wedding performed August 23, 2014, in San Diego, CA at the North Chapel in Liberty Station, where the Stevens brothers married the Townsend Sisters. After the wedding we alternated between photographing the couples in Balboa Park and on the grounds of the Natural History Museum.

I have been shooting since I was about 15. I am a California native and since 2008 I have lived in Chicago, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, and settled in Austin, TX in the fall of 2013, and opened my business here in the Spring of 2014. Though I started digitally, I am now exploring the photography medium of film – its tones and hues and authenticity of character have bewitched me. My specialization has been photographing weddings, but this year I have broadened my horizons to creating individual portraits and also photographing boudoir.

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