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Angie Diaz Photography

Angie Diaz DeToy
Angie Diaz Photography
Maui, HI

I take pictures of people in LOVE, the most beautiful part of your heart for the world to see. Born and raised in Peru, educated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and now living in Maui, my international background has fueled my passion for color, natural light, and capturing the uniqueness in every wedding, engagement, maternity, and family session.

Maternity sessions always make me nostalgic for the time when I was expecting my son, who is now two. It was an extra special privilege for Breanna to contact me for her maternity session, since she is a talented photographer herself in Michigan. She was such a sweetheart and made a floral crown of baby’s breath to honor the new life growing in her belly. Pregnancy is such an exciting time full of all sorts of emotions that I really wanted to take them somewhere that would be serene and peaceful, letting their joy shine through. The love was palpable and I left feeling so blessed to spend time with people in their happiest moments.

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