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Amy Schuff Photography

Amy Schuff
Amy Schuff Photography
Sacramento, CA

I’m Amy, a lifestyle family and child photographer in Sacramento, CA. While I have been known to shoot a wedding a time or two, young families are really what stirs my heart. This session in particular was such a fun one. This couple was young, and so in love with each other and their new baby boy. I was also able take their maternity photos, so it was an honor to be asked back to photograph their newborns. They had decorated his nursery with so much care, making it a space full of light and gorgeous colors, this also made it a very calm place to be. We went from room to room and I photographed them as we traveled throughout the house. Changing diapers, warming up bottles, swaddling to sleep, those are all part of a baby’s first few weeks, and that is what I set out to capture for them.

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