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Amanda Conley Photography

Amanda Conley
Amanda Conley Photography
Soda Springs, ID

This session took place in southeast Idaho on a perfect day. I found this old, yellow VW Beetle and thought that it just screamed fun. I wanted a light-hearted, vintage-inspired feel to this session. The model is my chosen 2016 Senior Rep, my only one since I am from a small area. It was so much fun to shoot these and I can’t wait to take more of her. I have been in business for 2.5 years. I am self taught and enjoy shooting one-on-one the most. This has led me to specialize in seniors, children, and babies. In my free time I enjoy putting together concept shoots inspired by whimsy and fashion.

Model: Callie Gronning
Assistant: Alexa White
Styling/Wardrobe: Amanda Conley

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