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Allison Hopperstad Photography

Allison Hopperstad
Allison Hopperstad Photography
Northern Virginia and Minnesota

This family session was photographed at the Manassas Battlefield in northern Virginia. We hit the light perfectly and achieved that sun kissed goodness! The Bombard Family was one of the first that I photographed since moving to Virginia, and they soon became my second family. We enjoyed running around the fields and letting the kids play and be who they are: kids! Thomas and Lisa have raised some pretty incredible kiddos, and Hailey, Gabe, and Bristol “the Pistol” were the sweetest!

I am a a wedding and portrait photographer who lives on the east coast, but has a midwest heart … and accent. I often travel between the two! For me it is about telling the story of the people in the photographs. Seeing the emotion and capturing the small special moments – that is why I love what I do.

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