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Alison Amick Photography

Alison Amick
Alison Amick Photography
St. Petersburg, FL

Ever since I layed my eyes on this teepee, I have been dreaming of a session to use it for! So instead of waiting around, I got proactive and asked my cousin and her boyfriend to model for me. I have been envisioning a session that gave me the feel of going to a music festival, but with a cool creative tent. Music festivals make me happy! It one of my MOST favorite things to do! I love music and the atmosphere that they have have.

Jackie and Jon were the perfect models for this session. Jackie is an artist and so very laid back and her boyfriend is a musician. It’s so fun to see, in photographs, what I have been dreaming up in my mind for so long!

I just recently (less than a year ago) started shooting professionally. I began my photography passion in a tiny Cessna, shooting fish from the air. I work as a fisheries biologist as well, but my passion for photography has morphed into a passion for shooting children, families, and couples! I realized my work makes me happiest with a heartbeat in the photo. Hope you enjoy.

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