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Akins Photography

Ryan Akins
Akins Photography
Sharpsburg, GA

I am a natural light photographer just south of Atlanta. I shoot anything from families to weddings and I love what I do. This shoot is a save the date for The Not Wedding in Atlanta this October. While talking with the couple before the shoot we discovered that one thing they love to do is to stop at every new coffee shop they see and try out what they have. Blue is coffee and Johnetta is tea. We wanted to capture this part of their personality and tell a little bit of their story through the first part of the shoot. They were great and had a lot of fun together in front of the camera. The second location we chose was an orchard at Dogwood Church that serves to feed those in need in the surrounding area. It was a beautiful location and we were able to capture some great photos despite the overly cloudy weather.

IMG_8031 IMG_8032 IMG_8043 IMG_8046-2 IMG_8054 IMG_8059-2 IMG_8062 IMG_8122-2 IMG_8135-2 IMG_8156 IMG_8163 IMG_8164-3 IMG_8169-2 IMG_8172-2 IMG_8188 SRA_9372 SRA_9383 SRA_9414 bw SRA_9452 SRA_9470 SRA_9473-2 SRA_9485 SRA_9528 SRA_9540-3 SRA_9549-3 SRA_9556-3 SRA_9558-2 SRA_9574 SRA_9590 SRA_9622 SRA_9638 SRA_9644-2 SRA_9667-2

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