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3Haus Photographics

Carly Lefebvre
3Haus Photographics
Edmonton Alberta Canada

This session is one that truly represents what I want and love to shoot and how I love to shoot. To achieve this it requires trust from the client and a willingness to open up to me and allow me into more than just their space but their life. For them to trust that their personal family chaos, because lets face it young children can be chaotic, is beautiful. That I can capture that truth in a poetic and beautiful way. These are the types of images that tell a story for years and become the heirlooms for your family that I want to create with you. I love this because it shows the joy, the love the innocence and pure beauty.

3hausphotographics-4 3hausphotographics-27 3hausphotographics-26 3hausphotographics-25 3hausphotographics-24 3hausphotographics-23 3hausphotographics-19 3hausphotographics-18 3hausphotographics-17 3hausphotographics-16 3hausphotographics-13 3hausphotographics-12 3hausphotographics-11 3hausphotographics-10 3hausphotographics-9 3hausphotographics-8 3hausphotographics-5

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