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Winnie Bruce Photography

Winnie Bruce
Winnie Bruce Photography
Pensacola, FL

I was on vacation in the Philippines, and within one week of being back home our province of Cavite was hit pretty hard by Typhoon Glenda. I planned this session with Elenoar right when I got home, but the typhoon put a damper on our location. I scouted the spot prior to the storm, and when we returned to it to do the shoot everything I liked was down and ruined by the wind and water. I decided to shoot anyway and loved how everything turned out.

Elly001 Elly004 Elly012 Elly013 Elly026 Elly032 Elly038 Elly040 Elly046 Elly050 Elly068 Elly071 Elly074 Elly079 Elly086 Elly092 Elly094 Elly096 Elly102 Elly122 Elly123 Elly130 Elly135 Elly144

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