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Willow Pond Studios

Samantha McBride
Willow Pond Studios
Woodstock, GA

Alexa is a beautiful and easy-going girl, so the Bohemian-inspired feel of this session seemed to suit her, as well as the golden end-of-summer light we are enjoying here in Woodstock, GA. We did just two looks, and didn’t do much planning, except to have fun and follow the sun as it began to set for the night.

Willow Pond Studios is actually our home in Woodstock, GA. With five acres and a pond in the heart of beautiful Georgia country, we offer a unique and private setting for our photography sessions, and we rent our location out to other photographers as well. My husband has a workshop where he makes custom frames, and I have a dedicated studio for indoor sessions, welcoming clients, taking breaks, and outfit changes.

I have two little boys I’ve loved photographing and my work has always focused on capturing the spirit and beauty of human emotions. I put my heart into each photography session and getting to know new people is one of my favorite parts of the process.


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