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Warthan Farms Photography

Jennifer Warthan
Warthan Farms Photography
Waverly, Virginia

Out on the very piece of land where our farm began, I captured my daughter with her fiery red hair and penchant for pink – picking flowers, dancing and twirling in our winter wheat. These images are a mixture of film (35mm portra 400 and medium format Ektar 100)) and digital. In her jeans and little apron with bare feet, she is the quintessential farm girl.

I am a farm wife and mama who finds happiness photographing children and families here on our land among the tall cotton, stalks of corn and rows of peanuts. Sessions here often feel more like a fun field trip than a photography session. Usually it is the perfect mix of both. Other photographers find inspiration and refuge here in our guest cottage that we rebuilt as a place to foster creativity (and inject a little culture into our farm life). We farm on 1200 acres of land among winding dirt lanes and sprawling green forests in southeastern Virginia and are proud to share our way of life with others.

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