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Votive Photography

Ty & Amanda Hardin
Votive Photography
Austin, TX

Votive Photography is a husband and wife photography duo based in Austin, Texas and Bozeman, Montana.

Sarabeth is one of a kind.  She’s an avid reader, a fashion muse, a mandolin player, and a kind soul. We love everything about her, from her wonderfully wild curly hair to her willingness to walk all over downtown Austin with us. She is about to graduate from college, so to commemorate this time in her life she wanted to create a session that represented what she loves about this city. She’s a good cup of coffee while reading a great book kind of person – but she also loves the vibrant bustle of urban spaces. We incorporated these dynamic vibes into the shoot, with locations ranging from Walton’s, a cozy restaurant-flower shop hybrid, to Easy Tiger, an outdoor beer garden. We feel that her brilliant, creative, and adventurous spirit is perfect for Lemonade and Lenses and we hope you feel the same!

VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-1 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-2 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-3 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-4 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-5 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-6 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-7 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-8 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-9 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-10 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-11 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-12 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-13 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-14 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-15 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-16 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-17 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-18 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-19 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-20 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-21 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-22 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-23 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-24 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-25 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-26 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-27 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-28 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-29 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-30 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-31 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-32 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-33 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-34 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-35 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-36 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-37 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-38 VOTIVE-Sarabeth-Austin-Urban-39

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