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VioletRay Photography

Trina Weingart
VioletRay Photography
Florence, MT

As a photographer, I tend to get really excited about the Christmas season because I get to look forward to shooting family portraits, having fun in the snow, and shooting up in the mountains. This family session took place up on the state line of Idaho and Montana up Lolo Pass. We were driving along and noticed the perfect little spot for this family of three to have a beautiful backdrop with snow and pines, the perfect setting for Christmas family portraits.

When planning this session, the family knew they wanted to have “Winter Wonderland” images, so we based the color scheme around that. Using neutral tones with a distinct, classy, winter feel and a perfect splash of jewel tones to give the winter colors a pop, this family seriously could have stepped right out of the Eddy Bauer catalog! It was easy to envision this session as we started shooting it. With the snow covered ground and trees and the vintage and somewhat Victorian look that the family was dressed in, it was like a romantic haven surrounding the family, evoking a feeling of security, love, and strength.

Trina is an on-location photographer who has been a photographer in the greater Missoula and Bitterroot Valley areas in Montana for over five years. Belief in the fact that there can be no backdrop more beautiful than the one God gave us in nature is her inspiration. With a style that is classic, contemporary, and unique, there is never a cookie cutter session. Each session is always customized to the client because she believes that each session should be unique and fresh! When not being a photographer, she loves to spend time with her critters on her five acre ranch in Montana horse back riding, mountain biking, floating the rivers in the summer, and snowboarding and snowmobiling the mountains in the winter.

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