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V.A. Photography

Ashley Link
V.A. Photography
Richmond, Virginia

This session was a spur of the moment. I saw that the weather was going to be AMAZING (70 degrees in January -WIN!)and asked a girl from church if she would be interested in being my model. I knew she was a dancer and thought it would be fun to incorporate her skills in a completely different setting. I’m SO glad everything worked out, because we had so much fun. Not only was that warm and sunny day good for my soul, this shoot was too. I got to try new things and just have fun. It was a wonderful feeling and made my passion for photography even greater. I have loved photography for a while, but I just started my business in 2012. It has been a wonderful adventure and I know it will continue to be one. I love real and genuine images and just having fun with a shoot. To me, that’s what it’s all about! :)

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