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Two Cents Photography

Sarah Whitlow
Two Cents Photography
Charlotte, NC

My name is Sarah Whitlow. I am a photographer/owner of Two Cents. I am in the process of rebranding to be a photo/video company (with my husband doing the video), but I love doing lifestyle shoots as well. Here is a maternity shoot I did in November.

Joseph and Kara are college friends of my husband, David. They were expecting their first baby and were going to be in our area only one day, so we decided we were going to get photos of them – rain or shine. Well, it didn’t shine and it definitely rained, so we grabbed some umbrellas and made it happen.  I feel like the umbrellas added an especially sweet and romantic feel to this shoot and hopefully to the memory for Joseph and Kara, who now have a sweet baby girl.

JosephKaraMaternity_0001 JosephKaraMaternity_0002 JosephKaraMaternity_0003 JosephKaraMaternity_0004 JosephKaraMaternity_0005 JosephKaraMaternity_0006 JosephKaraMaternity_0007 JosephKaraMaternity_0008 JosephKaraMaternity_0009 JosephKaraMaternity_0010 JosephKaraMaternity_0011 JosephKaraMaternity_0012 JosephKaraMaternity_0013 JosephKaraMaternity_0014 JosephKaraMaternity_0015 JosephKaraMaternity_0016 JosephKaraMaternity_0017 JosephKaraMaternity_0018 JosephKaraMaternity_0019 JosephKaraMaternity_0020 JosephKaraMaternity_0021 JosephKaraMaternity_0022 JosephKaraMaternity_0023 JosephKaraMaternity_0024 JosephKaraMaternity_0025 JosephKaraMaternity_0026 JosephKaraMaternity_0027 JosephKaraMaternity_0028 JosephKaraMaternity_0029 JosephKaraMaternity_0030

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