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Tripawd Pet Photography

Veronica Sparrow
Tripawd Pet Photography
Lexington, KY

Hi, I’m Veronica and pet photography has a very special place in my heart, just as wedding photography does.  I enjoy shooting film and digital, and I like to volunteer my time at local shelters.  This session of Turner and Hooch features two bonded brothers rescued by a young attorney who had just recently lost her family basset hound.  She was fostering the boys when she decided to make her home their forever home.  Hannah Beth is pure beauty inside and out, and during her time of grief she opened her heart to not one, but two large and loving dogs to find that they adore her unfailingly!

TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0001 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0003 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0005 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0006 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0008 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0009 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0010 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0011 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0013 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0014 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0015 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0016 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0017 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0018 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0019 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0020 TurnerHooch_LandL_TripawdPetPhotography_0021

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