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Treebird Photography

Trinity Tolbert
Treebird Photography
Wilmington, NC

My name is Trinity, and I am the photographer behind Treebird Photography in Wilmington, NC.

I met Kate a little over a year ago. She was a photographer in Virginia, who at the time was planning her move to Wilmington. I instantly felt like we would be great friends, and over the last year we have. Not only are we both photographers, but at the time we were both pregnant. We decided almost instantly that we would trade maternity sessions. The session she shot for me was actually featured just a few months ago on Lemonade and Lenses. I thought it would be fitting to show Kate’s session as well. Not only is Kate and Dave’s excitement for their new baby evident in these photos, but their love for one another shines through as well. I absolutely loved capturing these memories for the both of them, and I am beyond happy to report that they have a gorgeous baby girl now. I look forward to sharing more of this beautiful family soon.


TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-1 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-2 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-3 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-4 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-6 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-7 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-8 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-10 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-11 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-12 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-13 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-14 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-15 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-17 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-18 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-19 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-21 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-22 TrinityTolbert_TreebirdPhotography-24

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