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Treebird Photography

Trinity Tolbert
Treebird Photography
Wilmington, NC

My name is Trinity and I am a natural light portrait photographer in Wilmington, North Carolina. This bridal session was very inspiring and fun to shoot. Kellie is beautiful inside and out, and I was so honored to photograph her bridal portraits. I have known Kellie for a little over five years now, so getting to capture these for her was very special. Her dress and the location were the perfect fit for this beauty, and I am so happy with how they turned out.

treebirdphoto-9 treebirdphoto-10 treebirdphoto-11 treebirdphoto-12 treebirdphoto-13 treebirdphoto-14 treebirdphoto-15 treebirdphoto-16 treebirdphoto-17 treebirdphoto-18 treebirdphoto-19 treebirdphoto-20 treebirdphoto-21 treebirdphoto-22 treebirdphoto-23 treebirdphoto-24 treebirdphoto-25 treebirdphoto-26 treebirdphoto-27 treebirdphoto-28

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