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Traci Lovasz Photography

Traci Lovasz
Traci Lovasz Photography
Detroit, MI

When a potential client comes to me to photograph their newborn, we discuss my style of photography, including my approach to capturing the most natural moments of the baby, family, and home.  I had the pleasure of working with this family a few months earlier when doing her maternity photos, so we had a great understanding of this.  She wanted to create memories of the first days with her son, Houston, and the bond that was going to be created between him and his big brother, Hudson.

During our time together, I was able to see what a difference a few days can make.  Just days earlier I was photographing them in the hospital.  Day five I was in the home along with proud grandparents who were helping with big brother and bringing in food.  It was a very real portrayal of their new lives, with Houston being the latest addition.

My name is Traci Lovasz, I am a lifestyle and wedding photographer.  I pride myself in capturing raw moments such as these for my clients.  I have two boys myself (2 and 4) and understand how fast these early days go.  
There is nothing I love more than giving parents wonderful images that they can have as their children grow.  With that being said, I have a definite soft spot for newborn and children’s photography.

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