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Tim Waters Photography

Tim Waters
Tim Waters Photography
Round Rock, TX

I have been told over and over again that my photography carries with it a fairy tale or bohemian look. And as I went back and looked over my body of work, at my lighting and posing and over all look, I think I could see why I was being told that. Not sure how I felt about it at first but decided I would just go with it and have fun. Little Red Riding Hood is my first shoot where I was intentional about it. It is the first shoot in a series of upcoming fairy tale themed sessions I will be doing this year. Victoria, my model, made for a beautiful Red Riding Hood, and shooting at sunset to dusk in the Texas hill country provided a suitable backdrop, that was at times warm and bright and at other times, a little creepy. A big thank you to Victoria for coming out and playing with me. I am already planning my next fairy tale session.

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