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The Wonder Road

Lindsey Hawkins Stigleman
The Wonder Road
St. Petersburg, FL

This particular child portrait session is close to my heart because it was a session I revisited after a much needed post-processing education. It was photographed three years ago, in a beach park preserve located in St. Petersburg Florida, when I was still primarily a wedding photographer, and brought to life recently when I decided to cull through old portrait images to present my portrait work online. This session was shot in the couple of hours leading up to sunset, which was a huge transition in the way the light was utilized. I didn’t really know how to process the story until I learned a lot more about our craft. I’m so excited to be on this artistic road, and the beautiful subject in the portrait session is my official muse, who I love dearly!

The Wonder Road is a portrait photographer in the St. Petersburg, FL area, specializing in capturing creative and emotional portraits of children, families, women and love! My work is focused on both clients and personal gallery projects. I believe that photography is the most wonderful way of reminding yourself how beautiful your life is now, how incredible each simple moment was then, and how important it is to pass on the memory of your life lived. Your history, your love, your life as art.™

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