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The Modern Owl

Emily Morone and John Sacco
The Modern Owl
Keswick, VA

My name is Emily and I am the photographer half of The Modern Owl. TMO is a romantic lifestyle photography and design company located in Keswick, Virginia.  John, my soon-to-be husband, is the graphic designer. I started my own photography business a year ago under my maiden name (Morone). After getting engaged, we decided to embark on our own journey together.

I definitely shoot in a romantic photo journalistic style. A friend once said to me, “Your pictures remind me of old family-style pictures, but the relative taking them actually knows how to use a camera, and the pictures are actually ones you want to keep once you get your film developed.” I take this as a HUGE compliment. I primarily shoot couples and families, and am now starting to document weddings and other intimate events.

This shoot was just begging to happen. We have had snow every Monday for a month (at least it seems like it), but in between snows every Saturday has been gorgeous, so I wanted to take advantage of this. In the mist of ending one business, starting another business, and planning my own wedding I took some ‘me’ time and photographed a friend of mine. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with everything, my best remedy has always been to create an artist outlet of sorts. Sometimes it’s painting, sometimes it’s calligraphy, and sometimes you just have to photograph your pretty friends.

TMO_1 TMO_2 TMO_3 TMO_4 TMO_5 TMO_6 TMO_7 TMO_8 TMO_9 TMO_10 TMO_11 TMO_12 TMO_13 TMO_14 TMO_15 TMO_16 TMO_17 TMO_18 TMO_19 TMO_20 TMO_21 TMO_22 TMO_23 TMO_24 TMO_25

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