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The Happy Bloom

Justin & Amanda Brown
The Happy Bloom
Savannah, GA

We have known the Price family, well, before they were the Price family. Amanda has known Ashley since the first grade. They go way back! At the very beginning of our business, we began photographing Ashley and her new family. Every year a different city. And every year a more experienced photographer. Now that we live in Savannah, we don’t see these guys as much as we used to. But that all changed this Fall. We invited her and the rest of her tribe for a weekend away with a family photo shoot as the cherry on top.

Ashley speaking about her family:
Craig is one of the hardest working men I know. He rises early and works long days. He doesn’t complain because he takes pride in providing for his family. He is also by far the most laid back person in our household. Although he cheers for an opposing football team, I still think he’s a keeper. Not to mention he is easy on the eyes! Carter hit the ground running with a smile on his face. He is always the first person to the dinner table and he likes to sit in a certain chair every time. Although daddy always cleans his plate first, I’m sure Carter will catch up soon! Carter remains joyful through the day and doesn’t slow down until he is fast asleep. Madyson is our little observer. Since infancy she has preferred the company of adults. Her keen observation makes her the perfect candidate to be first to tattle. (Every time!) Mady is more serious, but extremely thoughtful and loving. The biggest heart in our home award would go to Jacey. She pretty much loves everyone she meets. She could pass an entire day away with her nose in a Harry Potter book. She loves Science and doing experiments in home. (Mommy’s kitchen is her favorite place to do these) They are a great group of kids.

A day in the life of the Price family:
Our day starts off with mommy sneaking to the kitchen for a cup of coffee before the kids wake up. (It’s a survival tactic) Sometimes I’m lucky and my husband brings me a cup! Craig heads into the office for his day of work.  I make sure the kids are all dressed, pack their snacks, make sure they have all they need for school, search for my cell phone, search for my keys. They head to school for the day. I spend my days taking care of the home, gardening, refinishing furniture and raising three awesome kiddos. We have two dogs, three cats, two hamsters, and a fish. Things can get a little bit hectic. In the evenings, after homework, we will snuggle up in the couch and watch a movie. We are pretty happy keeping it simple!

What Ashley loves most about her family:
What do I love about my family? Pretty much everything. I know that sounds cliché, but it is the truth. I love all of the differences in personalities. I love that we all feel comfortable with one another to be our true, individual selves. That’s the most beautiful thing about family; an unconditional love even on the crazy days. There are crazy days, but those are a blessing too. I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything in this world. They are my tribe!

What’s next?
Our future consists of continuing to grow as individuals and as a family. Our home is filled with dreamers so our future goals change pretty often. I’ve learned not to make too many plans. Plans change and life has a way of surprising you. We just take it day by day and enjoy our time with one another. Every day is a gift!

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