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Tamtopia Photography

Tamtopia Photography
Southern Pines, NC

This particular dark session was spurred by a burned black field I saw driving around town one morning. The wide expanse of black dead grass seemed like the perfect spot for a dark stylized shoot. I had already stopped taking clients for the winter holiday and this wonderful creative opportunity couldn’t have happened at a better time. Once the idea was formed I was so scared it would rain and all the soot would wash away!  Luckily I had a motivated model and MUA, and the session was on for the next day.

This field was on the side of the road so needless to say cars were beeping at us the whole time.  I think the leather pants and corset caught those daily commuters by surprise! The honks kept us all very much entertained. The only challenge we encountered was one I should have expected, soot got everywhere! I had the model lay down for some close ups and it was all over! Perfect makeup was besmirched by dead grass, and her clothes were covered with it. Trying to wipe it just made things worse, so Photoshop saved the day with post-editing.

My favorite part of the session? Unquestionably the end. The sun was setting fast when I remembered we brought along a big strip of black fabric. I had no firm intentions for it, but with the wind picking up and the sun setting, using it as a wrap was just natural. I had the model do some moody, lonesome poses in the near dark.. and the combination could not have been better.

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