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Sunday Morning Sunshine

Tommy Seo
Sunday Morning Sunshine
Anaheim, CA

My name is Tommy Seo, a photographer based in Anaheim, California. I started my photography career in March 2013 with portfolios of Sunday Morning Sunshine (wedding) and May-Fay (baby/kids/family). This formal engagement session of Sohee (bride) and Hansoo (groom) was photographed at the beautiful Crystal Cove in southern California. We decided to shoot their session here because it was their favorite dating spot.

Soy_hansoo_formal-14 Soy_hansoo_formal-22 Soy_hansoo_formal-26 Soy_hansoo_formal-28 Soy_hansoo_formal-35 Soy_hansoo_formal-38 Soy_hansoo_formal-44 Soy_hansoo_formal-45 Soy_hansoo_formal-54 Soy_hansoo_formal-56 Soy_hansoo_formal-60 Soy_hansoo_formal-66 Soy_hansoo_formal-68 Soy_hansoo_formal-75 Soy_hansoo_formal-77 Soy_hansoo_formal-104 Soy_hansoo_formal-105 Soy_hansoo_formal-108 Soy_hansoo_formal-127 Soy_hansoo_formal-140 Soy_hansoo_formal-141 Soy_hansoo_formal-151 Soy_hansoo_formal-214 Soy_hansoo_formal-215 Soy_hansoo_formal-232 Soy_hansoo_formal-236 Soy_hansoo_formal-237 Soy_hansoo_formal-244 Soy_hansoo_formal-246 Soy_hansoo_formal-255 Soy_hansoo_formal-256 Soy_hansoo_formal-267 Soy_hansoo_formal-269 Soy_hansoo_formal-272 Soy_hansoo_formal-285 Soy_hansoo_formal-294 Soy_hansoo_formal-296 Soy_hansoo_formal-300 Soy_hansoo_formal-301

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