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Storybox Art

Storybox Art
San Francisco, CA

Hello! I am Alpana, a San Francisco-based photographer and creator of Storybox Art. I love working with families and kids to capture their time together and create beautiful keepsakes for them.

This was a family session for a long-time friend Alisa. She is one amazing person. She battled and overcame breast cancer. We met online many years back while trying to have babies. We both had quite a roller-coaster journey in having our little ones. When she contacted me about booking a family session, I knew right away that it was going to be special. We hadn’t seen each other for a long while. The last time we met our little ones were toddlers.

When I arrived at their San Francisco home for the session, I could see that the little one wasn’t so little anymore. She had blossomed into a beautiful nine year old. And also a very, very smart one at that. We hung out in her room with her furry friends and talked books, science, and life. Then we spent some time capturing the family. It was evident that the three of them had a beautiful bond. When I take family photos, I try to look for something unique. Something that makes it their story. One of my favorite images ever is from their session is the one of the little girl jumping on the bed. It captures her spirit – the fierceness and sweetness rolled into one frame. I hope when they look back they will remember the fun time we spent making these memories.

These images were created with a mix of film and digital cameras. My favorite being a medium format Contax.

storyboxart_family-1 storyboxart_family-2 storyboxart_family-3 storyboxart_family-4 storyboxart_family-5 storyboxart_family-6 storyboxart_family-7 storyboxart_family-8 storyboxart_family-9 storyboxart_family-10 storyboxart_family-11 storyboxart_family-12 storyboxart_family-13 storyboxart_family-14 storyboxart_family-15 storyboxart_family-16 storyboxart_family-17 storyboxart_family-18 storyboxart_family-19 storyboxart_family-20 storyboxart_family-21

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