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Stephanie Rogers Photography

Stephanie Rogers
Stephanie Rogers Photography
Kingwood, TX

Hello, my name is Stephanie Rogers and I am a wedding, elopement, and portrait photographer based in Kingwood, Texas. I am in love with using natural light and an artistic approach to my images. This session was with my dear friend Chelsea who desires to be a model, so I am always inspired to photograph her. We took these images across from where I was living at the time to allow our creative juices to flow and create some beautiful images. There was a dam with rushing water and a small place for her to stand that we used to create some of these images as if she were floating or possibly falling in the waves. Lets just say we were very pleased with how this 25 minute session turned out.

stephanierogersphotography_001 stephanierogersphotography_002 stephanierogersphotography_003 stephanierogersphotography_04 stephanierogersphotography_006 stephanierogersphotography_007 stephanierogersphotography_008 stephanierogersphotography_009 stephanierogersphotography_010 stephanierogersphotography_011 stephanierogersphotography_012 stephanierogersphotography_013 stephanierogersphotography_014 stephanierogersphotography_015 stephanierogersphotography_016 stephanierogersphotography_017 stephanierogersphotography_018 stephanierogersphotography_019

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